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What is Lifespan Development? & what does it includes?

Lifespan simply means the time that is spent by an organism from its birth to death. It is the study of development stages, social development, cognitive development, physical changes, biological changes and psychological developments. You will also learn to base your whole research studies on gender, sexual orientation and culture of the research subjects. This course will also put emphasis on the effect of exercise and sports activities on normal development.

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Few topics related to the subject of Lifespan Development

  • Cognitive development assignment help
  • Continuous development assignment help
  • Developmental milestone assignment help
  • Discontinuous development assignment help
  • Normative approach assignment help
  • Physical development assignment help
  • Psychosocial development assignment help
  • Social Development assignment help
  • Physiological Development assignment help

Research topics on the subject of Lifespan Development

  • Cross-cultural analysis of child abuse
  • Adult sexuality
  • Career change
  • Prenatal care on fetus development
  • Sex differences
  • Perceptual development
  • Medical procedures used during the birth process
  • Achievement in later life
  • Divorced and single parents
  • Minority-group children
  • Development of disabled children
  • Senior housing
  • Alternative lifestyles
  • Widowhood


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