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Order Description: In this assignment you need to read a case study on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation and answer three questions. This assignment will let you define and describe the evaluation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It will also let you examine and judge the role of EPR and their adoption process in organization. Most importantly, you will learn to analyse and develop arguments organisation's ERP selection, planning, implementation and ongoing support phases. Student will also argue about the roles of key stakeholders in an organisation's ERP selection, planning, implementation, adoption and ongoing support phases. Assignment requirements: You need to read the case study on 'IGT ERP Implementation' and answer the following questions:

  • What are the key goals IGT wanted to achieve using an ERP system?
  • Discuss the pros and cons to customising the system.
  • How should IGT handle change management during ERP implementation?
  • Answers to the three questions can be presented in a Question Answer style. A formal business report structure is not required.

Word Limit for this assignment 1500

Specification of this assignment solution

In this assignment, we have to write a report on the ERP system implementation in the given company. The code and the name of the subject are HS2041 and enterprise systems respectively. The assignment was required to be submitting to the Holmes Institute, Faculty of Higher Education. We have to answer the questions regarding the case study that was given to us on the enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation. Our objective was to examine the role of the EPR adoption in the organization.

Out of the three questions that we were required to answer, the first question was that we have to tell about the key goals that the given company IGT wanted to attain by using the ERP system. In this, we have we have talked about the current status of the company and the existed framework that they are using. We have found out that the company is not having any kind of system yet in their operations. Therefore, in order to achieve their global objectives, there is a requirement of any system. we have talked about the kind of software that they needed in their operations. For that purpose, we have addressed various problems that they are facing.

In the next question, we have been asked to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the customization of the system. For that purpose, first of all, we have talked about what customization in the system means. After that, we have discussed various advantages and disadvantages that the customization of the system has.

In the third question, we have asked about the ways by which the change management should handle while implementing the ERP. As the change management is one of the most critical tasks to do, hence, it is important to consider the various steps which we have discussed.

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