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Let's have a brief about of the courses:

The course Genetics and Genomics basically examine the fundamental principles of genetics and cover all the unit and topics from the basis of heredity through to evolution and genetic diversity. The course is quite wide and encompasses a number of topics, such as, chromosomal structure, Mendelian genetics, sex determination, mutation & DNA repair, genetic drift, Hardy-Weinberg principle, and many more.

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The course is quite popular and is in high demand and that's why a number of reputed colleges and universities widely pursued this course in their academic curriculum. The Deakin University is one of those reputed universities in the Australia, which successfully pursued this course in their academic curriculum.

The Deakin University is basically an institution of the educational excellence. The Deakin University is ranked among the top 50 young universities in the world. With its five great campuses and lithe study choices, the university mainly offers hundreds of courses that suit the lifestyle of students.

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Some of the courses of the Deakin University are as illustrated below, in which our Australia Assignment Help service provides online assistance:

  • SLE010 Laboratory and Fieldwork Safety Induction Program
  • SLE101 Techniques in Environmental Science
  • SLE102 Physical Geography
  • SLE103 Ecology and the Environment
  • SLE104 The Blue Planet: Water and Life
  • SLE105 Marine Pollution
  • SLE107 Marine Environments
  • SLE108 Ocean Processes
  • SLE111 Cells and Genes
  • SLE112 Fundamentals of Forensic Science
  • SLE114 Introduction to Parks and Wildlife Conservation
  • SLE115 Essential Skills in Bioscience
  • SLE121 Environmental Sustainability
  • SLE123 Physics for the Life Sciences
  • SLE132 Biology: Form and Function
  • SLE133 Chemistry in Our World
  • SLE134 Recreational Fisheries Science
  • SLE136 Life On An Evolving Planet
  • SLE151 Biodiversity: A Global Perspective
  • SLE155 Chemistry for the Professional Sciences
  • SLE163 Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
  • SLE200 Communicating Science Ideas
  • SLE201 Society and Environment
  • SLE202 Landscape Evolution
  • SLE203 Environmental Botany
  • SLE204 Animal Diversity
  • SLE205 Vertebrate Structure and Function
  • SLE206 Cell Biology
  • SLE207 Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment
  • SLE208 Forensic Biology
  • SLE209 Science and Society
  • SLE210 Chemistry the Enabling Science
  • SLE211 Principles of Physiology
  • SLE212 Biochemistry
  • SLE213 Introduction to Spectroscopic Principles
  • SLE214 Organic Chemistry
  • SLE215 Ecotourism and Environmental Interpretation
  • SLE216 Bushfire Management
  • SLE217 Aquaculture Nutrition and Seafood Quality
  • SLE218 Indigenous Engagement: Natural Resource Management
  • SLE219 Marine Invertebrates
  • SLE220 Wildlife Ecology
  • SLE221 Systems Physiology
  • SLE222 Biochemical Metabolism
  • SLE223 Water Quality and Ecological Health
  • SLE224 Animal Behaviour
  • SLE225 Global Environmental Placement
  • SLE226 Environmental Team Based Research
  • SLE228 Forensic Genomics
  • SLE229 Introduction to Separation Science
  • SLE231 Hydrology and Water Resources Management
  • SLE234 Microbiology
  • SLE235 Chemical Systems
  • SLE236 Marine Microbiology
  • SLE237 Biogeography
  • SLE238 Marine Biology
  • SLE239 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • SLE240 Analysing Marine Dynamics
  • SLE242 Quantitative Marine Ecology
  • SLE244 Marine Ecology
  • SLE251 Research Methods and Data Analysis
  • SLE254 Genetics and Genomics
  • SLE261 Diversity of Fishes
  • SLE262 Aquaculture and the Environment
  • SLE263 Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
  • SLE265 Marine Botany
  • SLE266 International Marine Study Tour
  • SLE291 Marine Vertebrates
  • SLE301 Professional Practice
  • SLE302 Wildlife Field Studies
  • SLE303 Managing Environmental Projects
  • SLE304 Geographic Information Systems for Marine Environments
  • SLE305 Integrating Marine, Coastal and Catchment Management
  • SLE307 Behavioural Ecology
  • SLE308 Policy Instruments for Sustainability
  • SLE309 Wildlife Conservation
  • SLE310 Pest Plants and Animals
  • SLE311 Chemical Hazards
  • SLE312 Toxicology
  • SLE313 Forensic Analysis and Interpretation
  • SLE314 Research Project
  • SLE315 Marine Animal Physiology
  • SLE316 Analytical Chemistry
  • SLE317 Australian Vegetation and Its Management
  • SLE318 Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry
  • SLE319 Environmental Protection and Planning
  • SLE320 Resource Efficiency and Waste Management
  • SLE321 Molecular Biology Techniques
  • SLE322 Landscape Ecology
  • SLE323 Advanced Topics in Biomedical Science
  • SLE324 Australian Vertebrates
  • SLE325 Marine Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment
  • SLE326 Landscape Drones
  • SLE327 Fisheries Science
  • SLE328 Oceans, Coasts and Climate Change
  • SLE329 Aquatic Animal Health and Reproduction
  • SLE330 Materials Chemistry
  • SLE332 Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Scientists
  • SLE334 Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  • SLE338 Electrochemistry for a Sustainable Future
  • SLE339 Human Genetics and Genomics
  • SLE340 Genomes and Bioinformatics
  • SLE341 Ecological and Conservation Genetics
  • SLE342 Risks to Healthy Environments
  • SLE343 Fisheries Management
  • SLE345 Oceanography
  • SLE346 Molecular Basis of Disease
  • SLE348 Freshwater Biology
  • SLE349 Catchments to Coasts: Ecological Health
  • SLE350 Marine Wildlife
  • SLE354 Disease Ecology and Epidemiology
  • SLE355 Zoological Field Studies
  • SLE360 Australian Invertebrates
  • SLE370 Evolution
  • SLE371 Human and Animal Navigation
  • SLE395 Palaeobiology
  • SLE397 Sensory Neurobiology and Behaviour


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