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If you are looking for someone who can help you in dealing with homework assignments on the subject of Digital Logic Design then don't worry because the online tutors of Tutorsglobe are available 24 x 7 for providing you homework help on this subject. We have a very skilled and trained team of writers and tutors who are experienced in completing various types of homework assignments within the assigned deadline. Therefore, if you have a pending homework assignment then avail our Digital Logic Design assignment help service score high grades.

Although the subject of Digital Logic Design is studied in the discipline of electrical and electronics but it is also an integral part of computer engineering. There are digital logic components and circuits in computers and other devices which are logically coded in binary language. Means the logic of a digital logic circuit is written in a string of zeroes and ones and these circuits are used to form logic gates. In this subject you will learn about binary code, logic gates, and the uses of digital circuits in various electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, calculators, sensors, automatic vehicles, etc. It is an important subject for the students of computer science, electronics, and electrical engineering also.

Sometimes the students get confused while writing homework assignments on this subject because they find it very confusing to learn the fundamentals without proper guidance. Is this the reason that you are failing at completing your homework paper on digital logic design? Well, no matter what reasons you have to leave your homework unfinished, we are going to provide you Digital Logic Design homework help service which will help you in getting the best quality homework solutions prepared by our team.

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We know that some of the topics might seem too complex to you but the digital logic design tutors of our team have in-depth knowledge of the subject so they always write simple language which helps in explaining topics like testbenches, system clock frequency sources, arithmetic circuits, processor, memory arrays, pseudo-random binary sequence generator, logic arrays, codes to represent data in ad and da converters, structural modeling, parameterized modules, sequential logic and finite state machines with ease. The Digital Logic Design homework help service is always delivered at very affordable prices because we want to be in the reach of every student who is struggling to complete his/her homework and is worried about grades.

The electrical and electronics tutors and academic writers of Tutorsglobe always work together to ensure that each homework assignment is a proper mix of technical information and simple language. We also ensure that the formatting of the assessment papers is done correctly to avoid rejections or getting poor grades from your professor. So, order now on our website and get instant help from professional online tutors.

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The Digital Logic Design homework help service will provide you assessment papers and solutions on all the following topics and concepts also.

  • Number System and Representation
  • Encoders and Decoders
  • Programs
  • Transmission Impairment
  • Multiplexers
  • Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates
  • Code Converters - BCD(8421) to/from Excess-3
  • Gate Level Minimization
  • Difference between Unipolar, Polar and Bipolar Line Coding
  • Combinational Logic Circuits
  • RTL (Register Transfer Level) design vs Sequential logic design
  • Flip-Flops and Sequential Circuits
  • Gate Level Minimization
  • Register and Counters
  • Parallel Adder & Parallel Subtractor
  • Memory and Programmable Logic
  • Verilog Data Types
  • Data Communication
  • RAM vs ROM
  • Binary representations
  • Half-Adder and Half-Subtractor using NAND NOR Gates
  • Number System and Base Conversions
  • Code Converters - BCD to 7 Segment Decoder
  • Floating Point Representation
  • Binary Decoder
  • Properties of Boolean algebra
  • Static Hazards
  • Representation of Boolean Functions
  • Combinational circuits using Decoder
  • Canonical and Standard Form
  • K-Map(Karnaugh Map)
  • Functional Completeness
  • Operational Amplifier (op-amp)
  • Logic Gates
  • Universal Shift Register
  • Implicants in K-Map
  • Synchronous Sequential Circuits
  • 5 variable K-Map
  • Flip-Flops(Types and Conversions)
  • Variable entrant map (VEM)
  • Asynchronous Sequential Circuits
  • Minimization of Boolean Functions
  • Master Slave JK Flip Flop
  • Consensus theorem
  • Amortized analysis for increment in counter
  • Combinational Logic Circuits :
  • Introduction of Sequential Circuits
  • Half-Adder
  • Difference between combinational and sequential circuit
  • Half-Subtractor
  • Design 101 sequence detector
  • Full-Adder
  • n-bit Johnson Counter
  • Full Subtractor
  • Shift Registers
  • Code Converters - Binary to/from Gray Code
  • Ripple Counter
  • Carry Look-Ahead Adder
  • Ring Counter
  • Magnitude Comparator
  • Design counter for a given sequence
  • BCD Adder
  • Parallelism
  • One bit memory cell
  • Encoder
  • Latches
  • Read-Only Memory (ROM) | Classification and Programming
  • Digital to Analog Conversion
  • Programmable Logic Array
  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Programming Array Logic
  • Analog to Analog Conversion (Modulation)
  • Block Coding
  • Scrambling
  • Difference between Broadband and Baseband Transmission


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