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The course Introductory Management Accounting is pursued at the Melbourne Institute of Technology and is taught in the academic curriculum of first-year under the course Bachelor of Business program. The course gives a path to better understand the discipline of Management and Accounting altogether.

In this course, students learn about diverse tools which are used by the marketers and managers, in order to make efficient business decisions. By studying this course, the students are able to know how to use the organizational resources in an efficient manner, in order to augment the worth of a business organization to stakeholders and shareholders. The introductory management accounting is mainly concerned with the future aspects, perform in diverse time frames and has no fixed rules. As the time changes, advancement in the information and technology raise the global competition and because of that economic environment is totally changed, and for that reason managers need Management Accounting for taking strategic decision in business. The main aim to introduce this subject is to comprehend students the function and responsibilities of the management accounting.

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