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Introduction to Wilcoxon signed-rank test:

In statistics, the Wilcoxon signed-rank test is one of the non-parametric test, which is quite similar to the t-test. Since, the Wilcoxon signed-rank test doesn't deduce normality in the information, it will make use of presupposition, which has been violated and where the t-test is not proper.

This test is introduced to examine the difference between the two conditions, in which the samples are interrelated. In particular, it is the best for assessing the information from a repeated-measures in a situation, in which the requisites for -test are not contented.

Assumptions of Wilcoxon signed-rank test:

Assumption 1: The dependent variable must be evaluated at the ordinal or continuous level.

Assumption 2: The independent variable must comprise of two categories, namely related groups and matched pairs.

Assumption 3: The distribution of the differences between the two interrelated groups requires to be in symmetry.

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