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Introduction Statistics 

The term vital means significant or important and the statistics which are important with respect to an individual life are called or known as Vital Statistics. The science or practice of studying the quantitative data of the human population is known as demographics and is closely related to vital statistics. Statistics is the art of keeping a record of all the data and then finding trends and insights by using data analysis. So, statistics on the event of birth, death, literacy, age, adoption, natality, sex, income, caste, fecundity, marriage, migration, divorce, child delivery and many more events are covered under vital statistics. These statistics are mostly maintained by the government mostly.

Various uses of vital statistics

  • Study of population growth
  • Community health & growth
  • Analyze birth & mortality rate
  • Life table
  • Gross reproductive rate
  • There are mainly four types of methods to analyze vital statistics which are as follows:
  • Variation or dispersion measurement
  • Frequency measurement
  • Position measurement
  • Central tendency measurement

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