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Introduction to R programming & it's uses in statistics

R is a free programming language that is used for statistical programming, statistical computing, and graphics. The software environment in which this language is used is also known as R packages. It uses a command line interface (CLI) as well as various graphical interaction techniques using R studio, time series analysis, Integrated development environment (IDE), clustering, linear and nonlinear modelling. This language can be compiled on various platforms like UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and Apple MacOS by using various R packages and software environments created in C, Java, Fortran, and R.  

Various uses of R programming language are as follows:

  • This is used by data miners, statisticians and analysts for computational science and data analysis
  • Used by various companies and financial institutions for marketing purposes and project development
  • It is also used for creating and developing statistical software
  • This language is also preferred by analysts for grouping, time arrangement analysis, bunching, sorting and finding other data trends and insights

Our statistical programming assignment help service also includes the following topics and you can connect to our online statistics tutors to get homework assignments on these.

  • R Code
  • R Packages
  • Data Science
  • Robust regression
  • Analytical Analysis in R Markdown
  • Logistic regression
  • R Script
  • Exact logistic regression
  • RGUI
  • Multinomial logistic regression
  • Java GUI for R
  • Ordinal logistic regression
  • Spatial analysis
  • Probit regression
  • Smoothing P Splines
  • Poisson regression
  • GG plot in R
  • Negative binomial regression
  • Simple linear regression models
  • Zero-inflated Poisson regression
  • Mapping
  • Zero-inflated negative binomial regression
  • Micro array analysis
  • Zero-truncated Poisson
  • Logistic regression
  • Zero-truncated negative binomial
  • Data mining
  • Censored and truncated regression
  • Clinical trial
  • Tobit regression
  • Bootstrap
  • Truncated regression
  • Bayesian
  • Regression Designs in R
  • Character Encoding
  • Debugging with R-Studio

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