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Introduction to Poisson Distribution in statistics & probability theory

The Poisson Distribution is simply a discrete probability distribution that helps in conveying the probability of an event occurring in a fixed time period. This distribution method is used for determining the various possibilities or probability of success events based on the mean value of all the success events. It is also applied in various other interval measuring constraints like volume, area or distance.

Our academic writers have a very vast knowledge but here just for the sake of sharing information we are listing a few related topics on which we deliver Poisson distribution statistics assignment help service

  • Generating Poisson-distributed random variables
  • Maximum likelihood
  • Bayesian inference
  • Median
  • Poisson distribution using Mathematica
  • Higher moments
  • Simultaneous estimation of multiple Poisson means
  • probability
  • Sums of Poisson-distributed random variables
  • Poisson distribution using Python
  • Other properties
  • Bivariate Poisson distribution
  • Poisson races
  • Poisson distribution using Excel
  • Related distributions
  • Poisson distribution using R
  • Occurrence
  • Law of rare events
  • Confidence interval
  • Parameter estimation
  • Poisson point process

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