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What are Permutations and Combinations?

The term Permutation is extensively used in the discipline of mathematics and statistics and it means the practice of arranging all the values of a data set into a particular order. The values are arranged according to some sequencing instruction and the process of rearranging a set is called permuting. For example, let's consider a tuple {A,B,C}; and (A,B,C), (A,C,B), (B,A,C), (B,C,A), (C,A,B), and (C,B,A) are all the permutations that can be created from this tuple.

The term Combination also looks similar but it includes the process of selecting a set of values from a data collection and unlike permutations, the values need not to be arranged in a preset manner.

The major difference between the two terms of permutation and combinations is the value ordering. When we talk about permutations, we only put emphasis on the ordering of the values and when we are using combinations the ordering doesn't matter.

Some of the related topics on which our academic writers provide assignment writing services

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  • Cycle notation
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  • Canonical cycle notation
  • Generation in lexicographic order
  • Composition of permutations
  • Algorithms to generate permutations
  • Permutations of multisets
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