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PASW or Predictive Analytics Software is also known as statistical analysis software named as  Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). This is a software package which extensively used for interactive statistical analysis of data in batches. In the beginning, it was first created in 2009 and later on acquired by IBM and changed its name to IBM SPPS Statistics. predictive analytics software or PASW is also used for various purposes for performing descriptive statistics, linear regression, cross tabulation, numeral outcome prediction, cluster analysis, bivariate statistics, nonparametric tests, factor analysis, and geospatial analysis. 

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Predictive analytics includes a wide variety of techniques of data mining, analysis, machine learning and methods of predictive modelling for analyzing the current and the past data to make predictions and assumptions about the upcoming future events. This subject is very useful as it is used in business organizations for finding profitable options, risks, and key opportunities. The PASW is used for various tasks in different fields such as telecommunications, marketing, social networking, credit risk assessment, capacity planning, fraud detection, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, child protection, government operations, healthcare, law enforcement, mobility, actuarial science, travel, insurance, retail, etc. 

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