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Introduction to Central Tendency in statistics and probability

The term Measures of Central Tendency or sometimes also referred to as central tendency is a value which denotes the center location of a probability distribution and sometimes, we also call it as average. The central tendency can be measured by mainly three methods which are mean, mode and median. This value is also used in normal distribution for finding the central value of a data.

Mean or Arithmetic Mean: We simply call it finding the average of any set of numbers. To calculate it you have to sum all the numbers and divide it by the total count of numbers present in the set of data.

Median: Median is simply the middle number in the set of data when it is arranged in an ascending and descending manner. If the numbers are odd then the middle number is the mode and if the set is even then the mean or average of those two numbers is the median.

Mode: This is simply the value that is repeated the highest number of times in the set of data.

Our statistics assignment help service also includes assignment writing services on the following subtopic and related concepts as well.

  • Trimean
  • Geometric mean
  • Tukey median
  • Harmonic mean
  • Simplicial depth
  • Midhinge
  • Weighted arithmetic mean
  • Quadratic mean
  • Truncated mean or trimmed mean
  • Geometric median
  • Interquartile mean
  • Winsorized mean
  • Midrange

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