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Linear programming is sometimes also known as mathematical optimization or linear optimization. This is the subject which includes the technique of finding the most optimal solution for any problem described through a mathematical model by using linear equality equations. Linear programming is a very important subject as its concepts are used for problem-solving in mathematics, statistical projects, economics, analytical tasks, engineering, and business. It helps in strategizing and finding useful data for improving quality and selecting the best options for product development in various industries like energy, food, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and telecommunications.

Steps to perform linear programming assessment

  • Understand and recognize the problem and all its aspects
  • Explain and formulate the objective function
  • find the various decision variables and objective functions
  • Write all the constraints and non-negative constraints
  • Apply all the formulas and find the solution

Our linear programming tutors also cover the following topics in our assessment help service.

  • Activity analysis
  • Ellipsoid algorithm
  • Decision Variables
  • Projective algorithm
  • Objective Function
  • Affine scaling
  • Non-negativity restriction
  • Path-following algorithms
  • Integer programming
  • Integral linear programs
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Solvers and scripting languages
  • Duality
  • Northwest Corner Method
  • Simplex method
  • Least Cost Method
  • Pivot operation

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