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Introduction to Epi Info

Although there are many software programs available in the market which are created for statistical and predictive data manipulation and analysis. However, some organizations have created their own statistical software and likewise, Epi Info is one of them. It was developed and created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and it runs on the Windows platform. This software performs various tasks like data entry, collection, managing of useful data and data analysis. By working on this software program you will be able to learn about various topics like ANOVA, cross tabulations, risk ratios, logistic regression, Kaplan Meier estimator, etc.

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Tutorsglobe is helping the students in learning the methods of operating the Epi Info software program so that they can use the theoretical concepts of statistical programming and data analysis on a large enough data set. Writing assignments is all about your writing skills, time spent on researching and the knowledge of intricate concepts of statistics. However, you don't need to worry about your next homework solution because our Epi Info assignment help service is available to provide you with well-written homework papers.

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