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Introduction to Bernoulli Distribution 

The binomial distribution is an important topic in the subject of statistics and the Bernoulli Distribution is one of the cases included in this topic. A probability and statistics experiment in which the number of trials is fixed and the probability of success for each trial is independent of other trials and such an experiment is known as Bernoulli Distribution. It is a discrete probability distribution in which all of the trials are pre-determined and there are only two outcomes one is a success and the other one is a failure.

A successful outcome means the probability is 1 and a failure outcome means the probability is 1-p and in this particular probability distribution there is only a single experiment is conducted in a single instance.

The Bernoulli Distribution assignment help service is going to complete your Bernoulli and binomial distribution assignments and our statistics tutors also provide assessment help on the following statistics and probability distribution as well.

  • Fisher's noncentral hypergeometric distribution
  • Wrapped Laplace distribution
  • Degenerate distribution
  • Matrix normal distribution
  • Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution
  • Multivariate t-distribution
  • Poisson distribution
  • Hyperbolic distribution
  • Skellam distribution
  • Generalized Pareto distribution
  • Beta distribution
  • Generalized gamma distribution
  • Kumaraswamy distribution
  • Birnbaum-Saunders distribution
  • Continuous uniform distribution
  • Wallenius noncentral hypergeometric distribution

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