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Introduction to UNIX

UNIX is one of the oldest operating system that is still in existence and widely used in distributed servers, mainframe computers, mobiles, laptops, automated gadgets, etc. The UNIX OS uses a command line interface instead of GUI and uses a multitasking environment. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it is very fast, efficient and stable. It is similar to the DOS operating system.

The UNIX operating system is made of mainly three components which are as follows:

The Kernel: It is simply the most basic core of an operating system and it acts as an intermediate layer between the hardware and the software system and it helps in managing the various processes like file management, memory management, peripheral management, etc. 

Shell: It is like the command prompt window that is executed in windows on performing the run cmd command. Shell is placed between the end user and the kernel.

Programs: These are simple application software programs that are created for performing specific functions. 

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This subject is not just about writing the perfect code but you also have to understand the underlying concepts clearly because these concepts form the fundamentals of the subject of programming in various languages. Learning these concepts will take a lot of time but you can't do so because homework assignments will always be looming over your head. If you want to get rid of all your homework and study by yourself then Tutorsglobe will give you the programming assignment help service. This will change your whole academic routine because our programming tutors are very skilled and trained to write quality assignments in a short amount of time. The assessment papers prepared or created by our panel are of the highest possible quality and you will be able to score best grades with their help. 

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  • Introduction to the UNIX
  • UNIX Filesystem and Shell Introduction
  • Processes and Filters
  • Regular Expressions
  • Sed and Awk
  • Shell Scripting
  • CGI Programming
  • Perl
  • Linux Administration
  • Basic File Processing
  • Advanced File Processing
  • File Sharing & Security
  • Basic Shell Programming
  • Processes, Jobs & Networking
  • Advanced Shell Programming
  • Backups & Beyond UNIX
  • Introduction to C Programming
  • Unix Commands
  • File Creation and Displaying
  • Files Handling
  • GREP and EGREP
  • Conditional & Looping Statement
  • Scheduler
  • Features of UNIX/Linux
  • Functions & file manipulations
  • Command line arguments


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