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What is Shell Scripting?

Scripting languages are those programming languages which do not require a compilation before execution instead such languages are interpreted. A basic computer system understands the code or command only in the terms of true and false or in binary digits 0 and 1. However, it is very difficult to interact like this, therefore, a shell or command prompt acts as a layer which helps to covert the text commands into machine language. So basically a shell script used in UNIX and LINUX is a command line interpreter and helps to perform all the tasks that you can also do with the use of graphical user interface. In Unix and Linux the shell program is called terminal whereas it is called Command Prompt in Microsoft Windows. 

There are various types of shells in Linux which are known as the Bourne Shell, POSIX and Korn shell known as sh, Bourne Again shell known as bash, C shell known as csh and tcsh. There are also various shell keywords, commands and control statements such as if, else, for, cd, echo, touch, case, if then etc. 

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Hi, i need shell script in which connect to remote server using ftp and check file sizes. If file size is greater than host server free space, then abort the script and send an email alert. If file size is lesser than host server space .. then check if any corrupted files exists on remote server . If exists abort the script and send email alert. If not go ahead and download the files from remote server to host server.

Hi I have a Shell Scripting questions, I need help with that. do you guys can help me. I wanted to post my question but there were all language, (java, python,...) but I could not see anything about shell scripting.

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