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Overview of the programming language COBOL?

The COBOL is the abbreviation of Common Business Oriented Language and is considered as the second oldest high level programming language, which is generally employed in the business organizations. However, it is now becoming obsolete, as a number of software developers don't accept it  nowadays. But, it is still widely employed by many developers from all over the world.

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Characteristics and features of COBOL:

One of the main benefits of using COBOL is that, it simply spelled out the codes, so that, it is helpful for programmers to work on it.

Understanding the language COBOL and completing the assignments based on it become easier, if you take online assistance from COBOL Programming Assignment Help service. Let's have a look at some of its features:

  • It starts the automation of business and finances.
  • It endows with visual and an object programming atmosphere both.
  • Incorporated straightly to the World Wide Web.
  • Comprises the decimal digits.
  • Includes both long words and small characters.

Importance of COBOL language:

However, COBOL is considered as the out-of-date programming language, but it consists of numerous advantages as illustrated below:

  • Ease of use: The language is very simple, just similar to reading an English language. In COBOL, the programming codes are simply spelled out, so that, it is helpful for programmers to work on it.
  • Everlasting utility: There are many organizations, who don't want to replace this language. As well, it is employed in a very huge scale, so not viable to transform it completely.
  • Fast numeral processing function: The programming language COBOL is pretty famous and preferred for its fast, precise and accurate computations.
  • Self documentation facility: It is assumed as a self documenting programming language as its coding procedure is very easy with respect to other programming languages.
  • Fast process of instructions: As it is very old, however, appreciated for its fast and prompt instruction handling.

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