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A brief introduction to Assembly Language & Code

An assembly language is a low-level programming language which works only on a specific computer or device and operating system. Assembly language instructions or code closely mimics the machine code of zero and one. It is used for a variety of programmable devices like microprocessors. It is not portable but it has its own advantages like it provides increased speed and faster execution of code as it allows the programmers to write complex algorithms in assembly code. To get a better understanding of this subject you would be also required to learn about a few topics like Intel processor structure, number systems, multitasking, von Neumann architecture, operators, labels, segments, paging, program testing, cache, instruction transfer to C /Pascal, interruptions, compilers, addressing methods, registry types, logical operations, arithmetical instructions, microprogramming, bit & array instructions, interrupts, transfer instructions, contemporary processor, parameter transfers, segmentation and transfer instructions

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