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What is Risk Management?

If we talk about an exact definition then the process of predicting and assessment of financial risks along with the process of finding various methods to avoid that risk or a method to decrease the losses that will happen due to it.   

Every business organization faces various kinds of risk and this subject deals with the techniques of finding those risks and evaluating the type of damage it will do to the resources. Once the risk is identified various prevention methods are implemented to decrease its overall impact. This is an important part of strategic management. A risk can be due to changes in the economy, legal risk, credit risk, failure of sales strategy, competitor risk, etc. Also, risk can be broadly categorized into four types which are the strategic risk, reputational risk, compliance risk, financial risk, and operational risk.

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Steps of Risk Management

  • Identify and find the type of risk
  • Perform an assessment and analyze the nature of risk
  • Find the consequences of risk
  • Find solutions to prevent the risk or decrease its impact on the resources of the business
  • Implement the solution, monitor and take feedback of risk prevention strategy

Methods & Techniques for Risk Control

  • Avoidance: The simplest one is to take preventative measures to avoid a risk
  • Loss Prevention & Reduction: If the risk cannot be prevented then decrease the loss that can be caused due to it
  • Separation: If it is a legal risk then try to distance away the organization from the damage caused by the risk
  • Duplication: This category is for loss of data risk and in this case taking backups is a good idea for risk prevention
  • Diversification: Don't put all your eggs in one basket means invest in diverse investment vehicles to avoid the risk

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