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The discipline of Human Resource Management deals with managing the employees of an organization and to increase their performance and productivity so that the employees contribute their time and efforts in attaining the objectives of an organization. Human Resource Management is simply the management of people that work in an organization. The human resource department is responsible for managing all the tasks related to the employees such as talent acquisition, training, managing working environment and keeping the employees motivated to get the best work from them.

The various responsibilities of Human resource managers include:

Recruitment Management:  this includes job analysis and evaluation and then hiring the best and qualified people, which match with the job responsibilities and tasks.

Workplace Safety and Environment: It is the duty of human resource managers to maintain the office environment calm and refreshed so that the employees can work productively. Also, the task of following safety standards at the workplace is also included in human resource management. 

Salary Management: Keeping track of all the leaves, holidays, terminations are also the work of human resource managers because it helps them to decide how much salary and allowances are to be paid to various employees  

Employee Motivation and Employee Retention: A company requires a quality workforce to achieve its goals so it is the responsibility of the human resource department to retain quality employees by providing them the opportunity to learn and grow in the organization itself.  

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Few of the topics in HRM, which is covered by our professionals are:

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