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What is Managerial Economics?   

The subject of Managerial Economics can be defined as the study of various methods, processes, and techniques to solve the problems that arise in a business. Managerial Economics allows the economists and financial analysts to apply various concepts, theories and techniques of economics to the daily economic transactions and find the most optimal solution for the economic hurdles that occur from time to time. This subject also borrows the concepts of microeconomics as well. 

Importance of Managerial Economics

The main task of business managers in any organization is to keep the profit and revenue maximized and help in achieving long-term goals, but all of that will be possible if the managers are capable of making good decisions. Apart from the good decision-making skills, the business managers are required to understand the economic forces that are at play in the market. The decisions that are made by individuals are governed by the principles of microeconomics and all the decision like what product to buy and where to invest their money is also dependent on it. In the same manner, the managers have to decide various investment options to balance the assets and liabilities of the company and all these things can be achieved or attained by using the concepts of Managerial Economics.

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  • Short run and Long run production analysis Assignment Help
  • Monopoly Assignment Help
  • Monopolistic Competition Assignment Help
  • Oligopoly Assignment Help
  • Prisoner's Dilemma Assignment Help
  • Nash Equilibrium Assignment Help
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  • Price and Non-price Competition Assignment Help

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