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What is Game Theory?

Game theory is a subject which deals with the study of mathematical models and helps in making better decisions. This theory was developed by two scientists named John Von Neumann and John Nash. Although this theory was developed to study the various effects of steps taken in a game through mathematical models, but this theory is now proving itself very useful in many different fields.

The Game Theory assignment help service is going to explain to you all the uses and applications of this theory in computer science and many other logical subjects which relate to decision making.

Game Theory and its applications in Business Management and Economics

Previously various economic models were used to analyze the data and make decisions, but when the game theory came into existence, it brought the flaws of those economic models to light. The business managers have several options and choices which might result in a positive economic gain or negative economic loss. The game theory model is then applied to such problems to find the most optimal solution. In some cases, business managers might be confused whether to bring a newer version of the old product or adding a brand-new product to the production will be more beneficial and some cases the confusion might be about the cost of goods and services. Well, in some cases the game theory allows the economic experts to find the right decision on the basis of the expected outcome shown by the theory. The Game Theory assignment help service is also going to explain this topic with the examples of Nash Equilibrium and Prisoner's dilemma. 

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Currently I am writing my thesis of the master economics of markets and organisaties at the Erasmus Univeristy in Rotterdam. I am struggling with some game theory issues relating to my model. Especially with determining the equilibrium. Is there a possibility that you can help me out? I am looking for someone who can help me understand the material. Kind regards, Annelot

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