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The subject Network Topology is basically the arrangement of a variety of computer network elements. The subject comprehend students, how the various nodes in a computer network are associated with one another and in what manner they correspond. The Network Topology can be categorized into two categories, i.e. physical or logical. The Physical topology is the topology, which generally joins nodes and devices, on the other hand Logical topology generally concentrates on the data transfer prototype between the nodes. There is a number of different Network topologies are available, some of them are as illustrated below:

Point-to-Point Topology: It is the easiest network topology and is the fundamental form of usual telephone, which gives a permanent link between the two nodes.

Bus Topology: It is a kind of network topology, where all the devices are joined with a single line, known as the bus.

Ring Topology: It is a kind of network topology, where all the devices are joined in a closed loop, just similar to a ring and data can be shared with the adjoining nodes.

Star Topology: It is a kind of network topology, where all the devices are joined with the middle hub.

Tree Topology: It is a kind of network topology, which is the combination of both the Bus and Star topology.

Mesh Topology: It is a kind of network topology, where nodes are joined with each other

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