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What is data and what is the need for data processing?

Data is simply an unorganized and meaningless collection of facts, figures, and patterns. It could be in multiple formats such as numbers, symbols, sentences, alphabets, etc. When we define data in layman terms we say that data is a collection of raw facts and figures. We say raw because those facts and figures don't mean much until and unless those are organized in a systematic manner. This organization is done through the use of certain techniques, methods, and technology and it is called data processing. Data processing allows the user to extract information and use it for some meaningful purpose. 

Learn Data Mining & Data Analysis with our Data Processing assignment help service

You might have already read about data storage methods like the use of various databases however the act of transforming or converting data into useful information is considered data processing and it is included in the topic of the data analysis. Analysis of data means to use statistical, logical, quantitative and analytical methods to find out useful information from lots of data. With businesses and individuals using the internet for a wide range of task the amount of data generated is very high and with proper data analysis skills, much important information could be found and used for decision making. 

There are automated software programs which help the analysts to find information and such software programs are called data mining software. These work on mainly the principles of machine learning, statistics, and neural network. These data mining and integration tools work in conjunction with various types of database management software programs such as MS Access, My SQL, Sybase, Oracle, etc.

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