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Introduction to Methods of Financing

Every business organization requires a lot of funds for running the business smoothly and the funds that are required for daily operations are known as working capital. To keep track of all the finances the company employs accountants and financial advisors who use various methods and techniques for analyzing financial status. Some of those techniques are to calculate return on assets, analysis of the funds that are present in a liquid state, analysis of the debt to equity ratio, cash flow, revenue analysis, activity analysis and analyzing the net profits.

There various ways to source funds and the most common ways are to take loans from banks, use crowdfunding, factoring, angel investing, using venture capitalists, pledging your future earnings, debt financing, mortgaging, lines of credit, etc. All these options are used by business managers but the most common and successful one is to find a group of investors who are interested in your product and ready to invest in its development for a long term.

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