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What is Depreciation? & How to make a Depreciation Calculation?

The term depreciation is meant to measure and assess the loss of financial value of a tangible asset due to the various wear and tear due to its use, consumption, being obsolete due to advancements in technology. When an intangible asset is measured for depreciation, we call it amortization and the business organizations use the concept of depreciation for all the assets and also reflect it in the balance sheet for calculation of tax and accounting purposes. The accounting principles of cost and matching are mainly used for calculating depreciation.

There are three main things which are considered while calculating the depreciation of a certain tangible asset.

  • Useful life or Operational Life: This is the fixed time period for which the asset can be used productively by the business organization. After this time period is over the asset is no longer useful for the business.
  • Salvage value: At the end of useful life if the asset is sold then the amount received is known as the salvage value.
  • Cost of the asset: All the expenses that are incurred on buying or creating the asset and various other expenses such as its setup, maintenance, repair, taxes, transport etc.

Various methods of calculating depreciation

  • Straight-Line Depreciation
  • Composite Depreciation Method
  • Declining Balance Depreciation
  • Sinking Fund Method
  • Sum-of-the-Years Digits Depreciation
  • Annuity Method
  • Units of Production Depreciation
  • Revaluation Method

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