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Introduction to Calculation of Retained Earnings

Retained earnings are a very essential part of calculating a company's profit and the retained earnings are affected by the sum of cumulative earnings at the end of the financial year. It can simply be defined as the income left after deducting the expenses and the amount paid in the form of dividends to the stockholders. The retained earnings can be used for reinvestment in different investment vehicles or to cover the losses or liabilities present at the time.

Difference between Owner's Equity & Retained Earnings

Most of the times students get confused in between these terms however the term is used according to the type of ownership of a business. So, the term owner's equity is used when the business is owned by an individual means it is a sole proprietorship and when we talk about corporations or business organizations, we use the term retained earnings because in the second case the shareholders and stockholders have a certain percentage of ownership in the company. The formula for Calculation of Retained Earnings is.

+ Opening retained earnings ± Net income/loss - Dividends = Closing retained earnings

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