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What is Owners Equity or Shareholder Equity?

The term equity means the monetary value of the shares issued by a company or business organization. As you are an accounting student you know that assets mean anything owned by the business or individual in liquid or non-liquid form like cash, fixed deposits, house, etc. Liabilities denotes the monetary value owed to others in the form of loans, mortgages, and others. Capital means the difference between the assists and liabilities.    

The owner's equity definition simply defines it as the remaining capital after subtracting the liabilities of a business from its assets. The owners equity is sometimes also referred to as shareholders equity and it means all the equity that is in the possession of the shareholders of a company and it is sometimes also referred to as book value of a company and is used by the financial analysts to inspect and estimate the financial and monetary health of a company and to create the firm's financial valuation report. The owner's equity is known by many synonymous terms such as net worth, net assets, and owners capital and simply said if a business clears all its debts and would sell all the investments and assets then the remaining amount would be known as owners capital.

Balance sheet formulae or accounting equation for owner's equity

Owners' Equity = Assets - Liabilities

There are many different types of accounts that affect the owner's equity of a company and some of them are cash and prepaid insurance, revenue, dividends, expense, cash and capital (revenue & expense account), withdrawal, cash and a liability account, cash and supplies, supplies and a liability account.

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